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  1. Paper

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    The paper airplane moves in a parabola. (Question: what is the height of the
    paper airplane if it doesn't fall) A: The height of the paper airplane if it never falls
    is ... Paper

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    PARÁBOLA 1: Con Dios en Bicicleta Al principio veía a Dios como el que me
    observaba, como un juez que llevaba cuenta de lo que hacía mal, como para ver
     ... PARABOLAS,
  3. Lesson 36

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    Lesson 36 MA 152, Section 3.2 (parabolas) and append II.2. A quadratic
    equation of the form , where a, b, and c are real numbers (general form) has the
    shape ... Lesson 36
  4. 3.1 Parabola primer

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    Make a rough sketch of the following parabolas, marking the coordinates of the
    vertex. In each case there's very little calculation to be done––you can do it by ... 3.1 Parabola primer
  5. Chapter 13: Conic Sections

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    Parabolas through Paper Folding. Take a sheet of tracing paper or wax paper
    and draw a line segment across its width about 5 centimeters from one end -- this
     ... Chapter 13: Conic Sections
  6. Name______________________________________ ...

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    In your high-school algebra course you probably learned that the graph of a
    second-order polynomial equation is a parabola. Polynomial means multiple
    terms, ... Name______________________________________ ...
  7. Alg I Unit 10 PTest Graphing Quadratic Functions (doc)

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    Describe the transformations for the functions below from the parent quadratic
    function. 15. The table of values below is for a parabola. Alg I Unit 10 PTest Graphing Quadratic Functions (doc)
  8. F.IF.B.4.GraphingQuadraticFunctions1b.doc

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    1 Which equation represents the axis of symmetry of the graph of the parabola
    below? 2 What is the equation of the axis of symmetry of the parabola shown in ... F.IF.B.4.GraphingQuadraticFunctions1b.doc